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Founded by second generation jewellers with a passion for uniquely beautiful design.


At Artelia we offer you the finest diamonds, pearls and precious stones. We consider ourselves wedding and engagement ring specialists.

All of our precious pieces are proudly designed and created in-house by Artelia master jewellers and designers to meet the dreams of our clients. We take pride in our ability to help all of our customers watch their dream piece come to life in front of them.

Bespoke Engagement Rings in Melbourne

The experience of designing your own engagement ring can be truly amazing and we wish to give you the freedom to create a piece that perfectly symbolizes your relationship.

The Artelia bespoke approach means that our clients are given flexibility in the design process, as we allow them control over every element of their piece. Our direct relationship with manufacturing means that we can offer greater flexibility throughout the design and manufacturing process. At Artelia, you can make your engagement ring an individually designed treasured piece that is just the way you envisioned.

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The custom engagement rings that we create for you are unique and embody the beauty of your relationship. Your bond is special and our pieces are created to celebrate your story. Impeccably crafted, the unique engagement rings resonate expressions of your love with a personal touch which is nothing less than perfect.

You can design your engagement ring in various styles. From diamond engagement rings to sapphire and ruby, emerald and coloured stones or pearls, the choices are amazing. Our engagement ring designers skillfully craft each piece with the respect and care it deserves. Get in touch with us to creatively create a ring that you will always cherish.

Unique Jewellery in Melbourne

Our background in manufacturing means that we have generations of experience in making the highest quality pieces, designed to last a lifetime of love and affection.

Artelia was founded as a way for us to create a connection with the people who love and wear our jewellery, and the memories that our designs come to represent.

We believe that jewellery is personal, sentimental and emotional - working with individuals rather than only other industry professionals means that we can now finally enjoy the connections that make jewellery so truly special.

Whether you are looking for engagement rings or wedding rings in Melbourne, we are the go-to jewellery store. From the finest pearl jewellery in Melbourne to custom made diamond rings, our collection is unparalleled. Beautifully bespoke and exclusively yours, our collection is like none other. Visit us to discuss your requirements, explore the possibilities and view the finished pieces that we have.

Proud Community Partners of the City of Casey
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Proud Community Partners of the City of Casey


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