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Sapphire Rings in Melbourne – Engagement Rings & More

At Artelia, we have a large selection of sapphire jewellery in Melbourne, as well as many other precious stones that look beautiful set into rings. If you’re looking for sapphire engagement rings in Melbourne, there’s no better destination than our boutique jewellery store.

Here at Artelia, we’re passionate creators of some of the finest engagement and wedding jewellery in Melbourne. We can say this with confidence because we’re second generation master jewellers with excellent craftsmanship. We hand-pick all the stones that we use in our jewellery, carefully considering each one based on its quality, clarity, colour and shape. You can be sure that when you buy ruby or sapphire rings in Melbourne from Artelia, you’ll receive a high-quality, pristine piece of jewellery that uniquely expresses the love you share with your beloved.

Magnificent Ruby Jewellery in Melbourne Exclusive to Artelia

If you’re looking for a highly customised ruby ring in Melbourne, make sure you visit our store. We can create the highest quality ruby jewellery in Melbourne, including for a wedding or engagement ring for ladies. When a premade ring just won’t do, you need the extra care and passion at Artelia to handcraft the perfect custom ring for you.

We also hand select the most pristine and beautiful pieces of sapphire to incorporate into our sapphire engagement rings in Melbourne. We pick only the finest examples of precious gems for our sapphire jewellery in Melbourne. By using the best materials, we ensure the highest quality result for our clients. We know that an engagement or wedding ring will be worn often and must be built to last, as well as being beautiful. You can trust that our handmade rings in Melbourne tick all of these boxes and more.

The Meaning of Your Chosen Stone – Sapphire and Ruby

There’s symbolism in-built into the stone you may choose for your engagement or wedding ring. Here are some notes on the symbolism of sapphires and rubies:

  • Sapphires – If you’re looking at buying sapphire jewellery in Melbourne, you might like to know a little bit about this stone. It comes in multiple colours, but the most well-known version is a deep dark blue. It’s thought that sapphires are symbols of wisdom, good fortune, virtue, and in a romantic context, faithfulness and sincerity.
  • Rubies – The ruby is a gemstone of vibrant red, and for that reason it tends to symbolise passion, love and courage. Ruby jewellery in Melbourne is often preferred by people with dramatic or passionate personalities who love the colour and beauty of their ruby ring in Melbourne. At Artelia, we can customise all aspects of your rings so that they perfectly symbolise your love and individual style.

Custom Sapphire Engagement Rings in Melbourne & Much More At Artelia

Looking for sapphire engagement rings in Melbourne or other less conventional stones for wedding rings? We’ve got high-quality precious gems at Artelia that are perfect for setting into rings. We choose our stones by hand for their shape, colour and clarity, and you can be sure of high levels of craftsmanship. Call us today on (03) 8790 1428 for a friendly discussion of your requirements for ruby or sapphire rings in Melbourne, or drop into one of our jewellery stores in Melbourne today to discover our other available options, including diamond rings for men and women.

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