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Colour Stone Jewellery By Artelia

If you’re looking for colored stone rings for an engagement or a coloured stone wedding ring for men or women, we can help you at Artelia. Our colored stone engagement rings are expertly crafted in our Melbourne workshop by our master jewellers. Each stone is hand-picked for outstanding colour, clarity and shape. Our bespoke jewellery is truly one-of-a-kind and is fully customisable to your preferences.

There’s nothing we love more than working with couples to design and create the perfect customised rings to express their loving relationship. There are many options when it comes to colour stone jewellery at Artelia. For starters, we offer a range of materials for the ring band, including white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and platinum. Our coloured engagement rings also come with your choice of stunning gemstones, making them perfect if you’re shopping for personalized rings for her.

Your Choice Of Precious Stones At Artelia

Here are just some of the precious stones we use in our colour stone jewellery. Our clients are often curious about the connotations and symbolism of the different stones we incorporate in our work. For this reason, we’ve included some common stone meanings below. Consider how each stone in colored stone engagement rings may add to the romantic symbolism of your jewellery.

  • Blue Topaz – Blue topaz is a stone of luck and love. Coloured engagement rings featuring topaz are perfect for people born in December, as it is that month’s birthstone. Topaz jewellery is also traditionally given to commemorate the 4th and 19th years of marriage. Topaz comes in a range of colours, but its light blue tone is particularly striking.
  • Pink Sapphires – All sapphires in colour stone jewellery are stones of wisdom. Traditionally, they were worn to encourage protection, good fortune and enhance spiritual insight. They symbolise strength and kindness. Sapphire is the September birthstone.
  • Morganite – As a beautiful peachy pink stone, colored stone engagement rings with morganite bring light and joy to your experience. If you’ve been heartbroken in the past, morganite helps you let go of trauma and experience love and compassion in the present moment.
  • Pink Tourmaline – Colored stone rings featuring pink tourmaline elevate happiness levels. It enhances feelings of good cheer and resonates deeply in the heart, attracting positive energy and joy. Pink tourmaline is good for stress relief and helps with overcoming life’s difficulties.
  • Red Garnet – Colour stone jewellery with red garnet stones helps to open the heart and enhance courage. Garnet is a stone of passion, inspiring love and devotion while also lowering inhibitions. Red garnet is the birthstone for January.
  • Peridot – Colored stone engagement rings with peridot are perfect for those with the birth month of August. Peridot is also a stone given to celebrate 16 years of marriage. Peridot opens and cleanses the heart so it’s ready for new romantic beginnings.
  • Aquamarine – Aquamarine stones have a calming and soothing effect. Aquamarine has links to the sea and was often worn by sailors in ancient times for good luck, bravery and protection. It’s a gem symbolising eternal youth and happiness, which opens lines of honest communication.
  • Emerald – Emerald is also known as the “Stone of Successful Love” due to its vibration that nurtures the heart, provides vitality to the spirit and promotes domestic happiness. Emerald inspires unity, compassion, unconditional love, patience and balance between partners. Emerald is also the birthstone of May.

In addition to the above precious gems, we can also design pearl wedding rings or a ruby ring in Melbourne that meets all your preferences.

Design Stunning Colour Stone Jewellery With Artelia

Our range of colored stone rings isn’t only beautiful, but each ring is fully customisable to suit your tastes. We love working with couples to produce their dream engagement or wedding rings, and with our colour stone jewellery, we can feature stunning gemstones in your bespoke piece. To talk with us about your colour stone jewellery requirements, call us on (03) 8790 1428.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Artelia all of our diamonds over 0.30ct are independently valued by the Gemological Institute of America, which gives us an independent, accurate and strict measurement of the quality of each and every diamond we keep in our store. GIA certified diamonds are measured for cut, colour, clarity, carat, polish, symmetry and fluorescence.

Each of our team members are more than qualified to explain the details of these measurements to you, as well as how they relate to your diamond of choice. Choosing the perfect diamond is a very personal experience, and at Artelia we always strive to give you the best information, so that you can make your choice with confidence and knowledge.

All diamonds evaluated by the Gemological Institute of America are certified conflict free, which along with their exeptional knowledge of gemstones is one of the reasons why Artelia choses GIA certified stones.

At Artelia we offer an exceptional range of gemstones. All of our gemstones are natural and not in any way colour treated, which allows us to offer our clients a wide and varied range of hues in every kind of gemstone we offer. At our Fountain Gate showroom we present a stunning range of emerald, sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, morganite, tanzanite, amethyst, blue and london blue topaz, citrine and peridot. Artelia also stocks black, yellow and pink diamonds, as well as a seasonal and limited range of opal.

Please keep in mind that this extensive list of gemstones was compiled based on what we have in store, and the range of gemstones we have available to us is much larger. If there is a gemstone that you have in mind, please don’t hesitate to stop by and discuss with us what fantastic designs we can create.

At Artelia we are thrilled to present a stunning range of Australian south sea pearls from Autore, one of Australia’s most exceptional producers of pearls and pearl jewellery; who have been growing beautiful pearls in the oceans off the coast of Broome, Western Australia since 1991.

In addition to golden and white Australian south sea pearls, Artelia keeps a gorgeous collection of black Tahitian peal jewellery. To view our exceptional collection, or hear more about the quality, history and craft of these beautiful pearls, please don’t hesitate to visit us at our showroom.

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