Our Story

With bold ambitions and a clear vision, Artelia is a family history of passion, love and honesty in the craft of fine jewellery.

A well-established jewellery manufacturer with roots in Istanbul, Turkey, Artelia has been manufacturing bespoke jewellery  since the mid 1960s.

Roberto Ulas and Rudi Ingilli, have been creating jewellery pieces since their early childhood. First having learnt the craft from their father Sarkis Ulas in Turkey, the love for creating fine jewellery started very early on and both brothers knew they would dedicate their lives to this craft. Both brothers started working full-time for the business at the age of 15. Supplying the Australian jewellery industry with the products they proudly manufactured.

Roberto and Rudi have been growing the business ever since and now proudly operate one of the largest jewellery design and manufacturing houses in Australia. Meticulously selecting the finest gems and diamonds from across the World and creating luxurious pieces with love and of the highest quality.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Roberto and Rudi have witnessed the industry develop and change dramatically over the last twenty years. From humble beginnings with simple machinery in their father’s backyard to running the current 1,000 square metre atelier in Mulgrave, Roberto and Rudi know the industry inside and out.

Having supplied Australia’s leading jewellery makers over the years, from the high-end boutiques on Collins Street to the high street chain stores, the Ulas family always wanted to connect with their customer directly and establish their own route to market. “After all, we have always been in the business of love and relationships,” said Maria Ulas, wife of Roberto and creative director of Artelia.

Alongside the amazing team, Artelia offers the finest diamonds, pearls and gemstones, and is considered to be the wedding and engagement ring specialists, with all pieces being meticulously created within the atelier in Mulgrave Victoria and can be viewed at the Westfield Fountain Gate Boutique opened Early 2017 and Melbourne CBD boutique opening late 2019.

Bespoke Service

Explore our bespoke design service to see how we can turn your dreams into a reality.

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