Benefits of Designing & Creating Custom Made Wedding Rings

23 Jan 2020
diamond engagement ring

When presenting a diamond engagement ring to your beloved, there is nothing more unique than having the involvement in designing the ring yourself. And that is of course from the very start of the Engagement Ring design right through to the diamond wedding ring. Your partner will absolutely appreciate your time and effort in getting her diamond ring customised to suit her individual style and desires. There are many advantages of choosing to purchase custom made rings instead of the ready-made ones, many of which are imported and mass produced and the following are several of them:

  • The first and we believe most important benefit is you will have the comfort of knowing it will suit the engagement ring exactly, right down to millimeters. For instance, clients can get quite overwhelmed when they own an intricate design like an oval trilogy diamond ring as to what options they have that would fit such a unique diamond ring, the Artelia design team can go through all the many design options to ensure you receive exactly what you envision. This includes a scaled image of the proposed design aligned with your engagement ring.
  • The next benefit of custom made wedding rings is that you can get anything you desire in that ring. You can pick what kind of band you want, for example flat, half-round or oval. You can select what colour you prefer, is it gold, white gold or rose gold or platinum? When setting diamonds or gems, you can indicate what kind of gemstone to use, looking at the cut, the size and the number of gemstones that are needed. All our diamonds are hand selected to ensure uniformity and balance with the Engagement Ring. The whole lot is your decision with the guidance and knowledge of our highly experienced jewellery designers, creating your dream ring right here in Melbourne.
  • In order to make the ring extra special, you can personalise the inside of the ring, allowing space for sentimental engraving or incorporate a symbol which is special to you both.
  • An additional benefit of custom made rings is that you are certain that you are creating something very personal as well as one of a kind, with the knowledge that it has been custom made and hand made right here in Melbourne and within our very own Atelier.

Custom made rings are a beautiful and timeless way to display the love and happiness you feel. Marking such a special time with a piece that is not only sentimental, but also cost effective, durable and memorable. A piece to pass on through generations that will symbolise your love for eachother.

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